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Finishing 2015

Finishing 2015

It has been an incredible year here at JSAW! Every day we have guys coming in to skate at Help Boardshop, JSAW’s indoor skatepark and shop in Edina. The shop is a place for riders to connect and belong. Daily, JSAW’s staff has the opportunity to share the love and truth of Christ with riders, pray for them, and invite them to Bible study.

At the shop we average over 200 park admissions, adding 50 new customers, each month. So far this year, JSAW’s programs served 2,616 riders through service projects offsite; including our mobile shop, a free lunch day at Hyland Hills, and doing events with our mobile skatepark. Through our events, 365 riders heard a direct gospel message, were given the opportunity to respond and 5 openly indicated a first time decision for Jesus. Just last week at our Bible study, 5 more students responded to the Gospel after hearing a testimony! Each week JSAW engages 22 riders in discipleship through mentoring and small group Bible studies.

We also do things worldwide. This year JSAW helped build a skatepark in South Africa and at the grand opening, 20 riders were saved! JSAW gave a small grant to a snowboard ministry in Slovenia and 1 rider responded to the gospel there. Jonny, JSAW’s Executive Director, trained over 250 leaders in youth and action sports ministry through workshops and speaking engagements. JSAW also sent a team to Egypt in August to teach kids skateboarding and share God’s love with them.

It has been an incredible year at JSAW and we need your help to finish strong. We need your connections to help develop the shop and the ministry. We need a treasurer and consumer marketing professional to join our board of directors. November 8th we raised $4,800 at JSAW’s annual fundraising dinner, a huge blessing! We also need to raise $41,000 by December 31st to cover JSAW’s costs. The current small group we have is getting to large for our space and so our staff is working to start small groups every night of the week at the shop. A more long term goal is to get into a larger facility so that we can serve more riders. JSAW is about transforming action sports culture and our vision is to see riders become disciples of Jesus Christ. Please watch the video below to hear stories from a few of the riders who come to JSAW’s small group. If you are interested in getting involved or supporting JSAW, please email and we will set up a tour of our facility. You can also donate online at or by mailing a check to ‘JSAW’ at 7385 Bush Lake Rd., Edina, MN 55439.

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