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Giving Update

Giving Update

JSAW’s mission is to make riders into disciples and to accomplish this our board of directors set a goal to raise $198,000 in 2018. We have had 265 donors give $168,404.36 from January 1 through November 30th. Wow! Praise God and thank you for all your incredible support! This is almost 26% over where we were on December 1st, 2017. A big part of this growth has been our team of 61 donors who give on a monthly basis. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Everyone wants to know how much of their dollar goes toward administrative and operational costs like the light bill, insurance, rent and debt. People aren’t as interested in giving toward that. So 5 years ago we built a business within JSAW, called Help Boardshop, that earns enough money to cover all those administrative and operational expenses. JSAW is also debt free and we are committed to keeping it that way. So when you give, it ALL goes to directly into the ministry: it pays for the staff that serve the riders every day, it pays for mentoring materials, outreach events, small group Bible studies and even training leaders around the world who do action sports ministry.

This year we have served 995 riders, 116 riders have attended our Bible studies, we currently have 27 riders engaged in JSAW’s disciple-making process and we helped train over 40 action sports ministry leaders around the world. When you give it goes toward this: Making riders into disciples. Your giving is transforming action sports culture.

The month of December is the largest month for donations. Last year we raised $50,338.64 in December. We’d like to surpass that this year. To hit our year end goal for 2018 we need to raise $30,000 in the next 31 days. It is a big goal, but we are confident in God’s provision through you and all our incredible donors. Everything above and beyond that goal will enable JSAW to exponentially increase the number of riders we can serve in 2019 by hiring much needed staff and equipping more volunteers. When you give, it transforms a riders life forever. Thank you!

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