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How is Your Prayer Life

A few years back I was in Duabi to build a skatepark for a ministry. One day as we were driving to dinner, cars and trucks began pulling off to the side of the interstate. People were getting out of their vehicles, getting down on their knees, facing Mecca right there on the side of the highway, to pray. I was intrigued and shocked. The level of commitment to stop driving, pull over and pray at a certain time was astonishing. As we pulled onto a side street, everyone was on their knees praying. Outside their car, on the sidewalk... it was the craziest thing! It made me reflect on my own prayer life. I'm not so committed!

Last week I was coming out of a meeting at the shop and again found a young man alone, praying toward Mecca in JSAW's Bible study room. Again I started reflecting on my own prayer life. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 says, "pray without ceasing." My family prays before meals, before bed, I pray during my morning devotions (most of the time) and when someone asks for prayer. That is hardly 'without ceasing'. Seeing this teenager at the skatepark, taking out a few minutes from his skate session to find a quite place alone to spend time in prayer inspired me. It was important to him.

The one thing the twelve disciples specifically asked Jesus to teach them was to pray. Not how to be a leader, not how to share the gospel, not how to better serve the poor, not even how to study the scriptures. No doubt they learned these, but they only specifically asked Jesus, "Lord teach us how to pray" (Luke 11:1). Obviously, Jesus spent a significant amount of time in prayer. The disciples saw this to be one of the most powerful and valuable things to learn from Jesus.

Prayer is powerful. Prayer increases our dependence and trust in God: “Whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith” (Matt 21:22). Prayer also increases fellowship with God which He loves and delights in. Prayer allows us to be involved – prayer changes the way God acts (James 4:2, Ex 32:9-14).

Let's take some time to evaluate our own prayer life. Break the habits we have. I noticed my children pray the same words that I use before bed, without thought. I don't want my prayer life to just be reciting some nice words. Instead let's be intentional. Worship God in prayer. Confess our sins in prayer. Thank God for everything in prayer. Advocate for others needs in prayer.

PS - Every week our staff and riders in our programs submit prayer requests. These prayer requests are sent out in an email to our prayer team. If you would like to join the prayer team email list: CLICK HERE

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