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Skate Trip

JSAW Skate Trip

JSAW will be taking a road trip this summer visiting several major cities throughout the Midwest including Milwaukee, WI, Chicago, IL, and Davenport, IA. Each day we will be skateboarding at different parks, visiting some landmark locations and studying Gods word. This trip will be an epic adventure!

Dates: July 18-23

Cost: $350 (sign up by June 15 for early bird price: $300)

Skate Trip Schedule

Monday July 18th -Arrive at Help Boardshop at 6:30 a.m. and leave by 7 -Lunch on the Road -Arrive at Wirth skatepark at 1 p.m. -Dinner at 6 p.m. -Bible study at the swing park at 7:15 -Get to the hotel by 9 p.m.

Tuesday July 19th -Wake up at 8 a.m. and have breakfast -Days debriefing and Bible study at 8:45 -Group photo with the Bronze Fonz/ explore Downtown Milwaukee till noon -Lunch -Get to Cream City at 1 p.m. -Dinner at 6 -6:45 keep skating Cream city or go see a movie (Tarzan, Bourne, Finding Dori) -Hotel by 9 p.m.

Wednesday July 20th -Wake up at 8 and have breakfast -Debrief for the day and Bible study at 8:45 -Leave for Chicago By 10:00 a.m. -Get to Chicago at noon and have lunch -Skate Wilson Park at 1 -Dinner at 6 -Skate Logan Blvd Park at 7 -Hotel by 10 p.m.

Thursday July 21st -Wake up at 8 and have breakfast -Debriefing for the day and Bible study at 8:45 -Lincoln Park Zoo by 10 a.m. -Lunch at 1 -Sky Deck at Willis Tower at 2 -Dinner at 5 -Skate Grant Park till 9 -Hotel by 10 p.m.

Friday July 22nd -Wake up at 8 and have Breakfast -Days debriefing and Bible study at 8:45 -Skate Grant Park at 10 a.m. -Lunch and on the Road to Davenport at 1 -Get to Davenport by 4 -Skate church at 5 -Where we are staying by 10:30

Saturday July 23rd: -Wake up at 8 and have Breakfast -Debrief for the Day and Bible study at 8:45 -Leave Davenport at 10 -Arrive at Ames Skatepark at 1 and have lunch -Leave Ames at 5 and grab Dinner on the road -Back to Help by 9 p.m.

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