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Skater Girls get a Snowboard Lesson

Some of the girls from JSAW's Monday small group, got an awesome opportunity to learn how to snowboard. Bella, who is sponsored by one of JSAW's donors, frequently rides at Hyland Hills and offered to coach and educate these girls in something that she finds great joy. She has been snowboarding for years and saw an opportunity to use those skills to bless and encourage these girls.

The girls learned how to stop, carve, ride the magic carpet, and more! When the session was over the girls couldn't stop chatting about how much fun they had and how they desired to go back for more. Aliyah, JSAW's Small Group Leader, even spoke to Bella about some one on one lessons for herself! All around, it was an awesome event and quite a memory that the girls will cherish forever.

Moments like this are awesome to talk about and are able to happen because of the donors who support the riders we serve at JSAW. You could have a hand in helping create events like these for our groups if you consider sponsoring one! Sponsoring an event gives the riders unlimited options for activities like this and more. If you would like to sponsor an event, click here!

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