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Slush for Breakfast

“Love a Lifty” is the name of an event JSAW has been doing for a few years now. The idea is to show appreciation to the people who give us the opportunity to zoom down the hills during these colder months. Considering that their efforts make the winter season more bearable for us, the concept struck me as both worthwhile and desirable.

In Matthew 22:34-40, Jesus identifies these as the two most important commandments: loving God and loving one’s neighbor as themselves. These are goals that we all ought to be striving to reach each and every day. Sometimes, however, opportunities present themselves to do these things on a bigger scale. That’s what happened to me a week or two ago when I found out about “Gaper Day.” Apparently, skiers and snowboarders celebrate this holiday on MLK day in the Midwest, and it’s one of the busiest days of the season on the hill for employees on the slopes.

I was able to gather some coffee and doughnuts (including a generous donation from our local Caribou coffee shop) to drop off at Hyland Hills, Buck Hill, and Elm Creek. While I’m not sure how many employees at each location chose to incorporate the caffeine and sugar into their daily diet, they all had the opportunity to have their fill.

Hopefully, this helped make the rainy/slushy day a little more tolerable as they accommodated the crowds of students trying to take advantage of the day off. Make sure to show your lifties some love the next time you see them; they’ll always appreciate it.

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