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The Picture

In all my adventures I try to capture the amazing things I see and experience. Snowboarding in Colorado earlier this year I stopped to take a few pictures in the trees. In our image saturated culture there are millions of pictures being shared every day, but these four pictures are special to me.

With all the noise in our world today it is easy to blast through moments completely disengaged. We are distracted. Notifications popping up. Look at this! Do that! Listen to this! Go here! It’s such an issue Apple just released a new feature called ‘Night Shift’ that changes the color of your iPhone screen in the evening to relieve eye strain and help you sleep better. Our mind is overstimulated with things screaming for our attention all day every day.

These pictures remind me to stop. In that moment on the mountain I saw something beautiful and I had to stop, enjoy it and take a picture. The picture is nothing special, just some snow and trees. In this moment I stopped and was amazed that God had created something so simple, yet so complex and beautiful. Not only did He create it but I was able to see it, experience it and worship Him. It bums me out to think of all the moments like this that I have missed.

There are millions of moments to worship God all day every day. Yet we miss them. Romans 1:25 says, “They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever.” Is distraction my idol? How do I handle the truth of God? Do I serve the noise? What do I give my attention towards? The picture or the Creator? I want to stop more often, not for a picture, but to spend another moment worshiping my Creator.

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