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wake program recap 2015

Wake Program 2015

Summer Recap

What a wonderful summer it has been for JSAW’s Wake Program! We have been out 14 times on Lake Minnetonka and have served 22 kids. I am so impressed by the kids’ growth not only in their riding but also in their relationships with God. We also had the opportunity to spend a week down in Kansas City at a cable park called KC Watersports. This trip was the hallmark of the summer where kids shared openly the nitty gritty things that were happening in their lives, as well as asked challenging and honest questions about faith; we had 6 kids participate in this fun adventure. It is clear that God moved in and through JSAW’s wake program this summer.

Plans for the Future

Next year we are planning on adding a few features to our program. We will be fundraising for our own boat [check out our campaign here] so we can minister to kids multiple days a week, instead of just once a week. We are also planning on attending and serving at multiple wakeboard and wake surf contests. If you would like to be a part of planning or marketing for JSAW’s wake program, we are looking for an intern to help out next summer. We are proud to announce that we are growing, but we still ask for your prayers and help as God continues to work on and off the boat to engage the wake community for His glory.

Thank you to everyone who was involved this year; Ian Riley for donating his boat for the summer and our awesome parents for donating lunches for the group at every session!

Thank you!

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