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Uptown Park Project

The Full Story

JSAW was given a 4,500 square foot space in the Seven Points mall in Uptown, Minneapolis. The space was donated to allow JSAW to build a temporary ‘pop-up’ skatepark, called the Uptown Park Project, for riders to have another place to skate over the winter. JSAW also hopes to see riders visiting our partners on the project, Cal-Surf and Familia, two skateboard shops in Uptown that have been serving the skateboard community for years. The park will be open until April when skateboarders start riding outside again.



3001 Hennepin Ave

Minneapolis, MN 55408


3-6pm and 6-9pm Monday - Friday

10-1pm and 1-4pm Saturday

$5 per 3 hour session

Complete the waiver online before you come! 

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