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How to Get Sponsored

JSAW is a non-profit organization that owns Help Boardshop and Indoor Skatepark. Which means Help Boardshop is different than most shops and skateparks because it exists to support you, the rider. People in the community donate to JSAW so that we can give sponsorships to riders! If you are intersted in recieving a sponsorship read more below. Or if you are interested in donating to sponsor a rider please visit:


What is Included in Sponsorship 

Membership to the Park

A park membership means you have free access to Help Boardshop's indoor skatepark and trampolines everyday. No extra costs, all your sessions are paid for.

Shop Discounts

You recieve a 10% off discount on every product you buy in store at Help Boardshop. At first it may not seem like much, but its like $6 off a skate deck or $5 off a hoodie or $40 off a snowboard. It adds up quick! Some sponsorships even include shop credit each month!

Events and Activities

You get special access to JSAW's events and activites like skiing and snowboarding trips, wakeboarding and wakesurfing sessions, skateboard trips, and camps. JSAW even has small groups and mentors for you to hang out with along the way.



How You Get Sponsored

1) Ride More

The more often you ride the more you will progress in your abilities so it is important to be riding a bunch. For us its not so much about landing every trick perfectly, it is about progressing in your riding.

2) Join a Group

Being a part of the community at Help Boardshop is huge. It is important to get to know the staff and other riders at the park. We look for riders who are promoting a healthy community and we have small groups every night of the week.

3) Engage Online

Post photos and clips of you riding. Make sure you are following and tagging @helpboardshop on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. When we see things we like, we like to repost it and share it with the community.

4) Get on the List

Add your name to the list of riders who want to get sponsored below. This doesn't garuntee you will recieve a sponsorship, but it does let us know you want one. When a sponsorship becomes available we can easily reach out and get you set up!

Get On The List

Sign up to recieve a sponsorship when one becomes available. 

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