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Ride with Us

You are looking for some friends to ride with and we are riding almost every day all year. During the summer we skate nearly everyday and go out wakesurfing every week. Throughout the winter we are out riding at Hyland Hills and of course we skate everyday at Help Boardshop’s indoor skatepark. JSAW also hosts small group Bible studies every night of the week at Help Boardshop with the schedule below. 

Small Groups


Middle School 


High School 


Young Adults

all groups skate 6-9pm and Bible study starts at 7pm

The easiest way to get
involved is at Help Boardshop...

Open Skate - 12-9pm Daily

Just $5 a session and you can even complete the waiver online before you arrive!


You can learn how to skateboard better and we can help. Book a lesson or class online today!


Camps, trips contests, service projects and more!

Get Sponsored

You can get sponsored, and we have a guide to help you know how. 

call the shop 952-217-4228

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