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Cali Dream Trip Recap

JSAW recently took the opportunity to take some kids on a dream skate trip all the way to Los Angeles, California. We found great local food, visited some cool shops and visited different skateparks, seeing and skating with some pro’s. We also hit up the streets of LA for some fun street skating at legendary skate spots.

Each night of the trip we did Bible study on why God wants us to pray and what we can gain by praying. The first night we talked about Matthew 6:8 and asking God to show/give us what we need. Day two we talked about Matthew 21:22 and how we can depend on God for anything if we have faith. And the last day we talked about James 4:2 and how God can use prayer to show us our priorities and take away our selfishness through humility. After each study the riders would discuss and we had really cool revelations.

On the trip we decided to put our faith into action by cleaning up the spots and parks that we visited. This prompted a few of the riders to clean up trash at meals as well. We also saw God at work when we inevitably got kicked out of a skate spot. We were able to share our faith with the security guard and he sent us on the way saying “blessings” and “God is good”. We also had kind people work with us wherever we went. They were chill with our group, and we had several good conversations with others because of it, including two of the pros we met. 

Overall, the riders had a blast and were super blessed to have the opportunity to grow on this dream skate trip. Thank you to the donors that make the kind of stuff possible for riders that JSAW works with and thank you for helping to transform action sports culture and help us live out JSAW’s vision and mission.

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