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Japan Summit

I just returned from a trip to Tokyo, Japan for the Acts Global Summit. Acts is a global network of action sports ministries. For the past 10 years I have served on the Acts Global Team and over the last 4 years I have had the opportunity to lead the Acts Global Team. At the end of this year I am passing on the role to my successor, Daniel Vika, an Australian guy who wakeboards, snowboards and rock climbs. He has served most of his career with Operation Mobilization in Europe and the Middle East, sharing Jesus with people in action sports.

In Japan, Dan and I met a day in advance of the summit. We took the bullet train to a small ski resort called Gala in Yuzawa, Japan. It was dumping snow and we were blessed with an epic powder day to snowboard! As we rode I was reminded of how incredible God is. He created the mountains, the snow, the people who designed, built and operated the trains, planes and busses it took to get me around the world. It was such a huge blessing to experience.

The summit began the next day with 40 action sports ministry leaders from 26 nations around the world. Throughout the week we met together and spent time in prayer, worshipping God, building trust and learning. We met in smaller groups accross different geographic regions and different action sports to discuss what has been happening in action sports ministry. We also spent time learning about building healthy communities.

One day we went out to do outreach together. One group went to the beach to reach out to the massive surf community in Japan. Another group visited a local climbing gym to reach out. Another group, that I was a part of, visited the Yokohama skatepark. We skated with the locals and hosted an impromptu skateboard contest. Afterwards one of the summit attendees from Japan shared the gospel in Japaneese with the kids. He has been and will continue to do outreach at that skatepark.

Please continue to pray for action sports ministry leaders around the world, especially those in Japan. If you would like to give to support JSAW's ministry around the world please visit

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