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Serving Go Skate Day 2023

Go Skateboarding Day is an international, annual celebration of skateboarding, on June 21, bringing together skateboarders to Go Skate! JSAW served 600 skaters accross Minnesota, spreading joy throughout the skateboard community and showing God's love in a practical way. JSAW did this by hosting outreaches in several different locations throughout the state in partnership with two other skate ministries: 7 Ply Skate and Satisfied Skate.

JSAW understands the power of partnerships and we extended our outreach through collaboration. We teamed up with 7 Ply Skate Ministry in Brainerd, MN, who embarked on a mission to multiple skateparks. Their efforts allowed them to distribute water, RedBull, and Prime drinks to 90 riders at city skateparks in Crosby, Elk River, Plymouth, and Maple Grove.

Also, JSAW partnered with Satisfied Skate Ministry in St. Cloud. Together with the local skate shop, they hosted an exciting contest at the St. Cloud skatepark, serving another 50 riders, building relationships and helping with set up and tear down of the contest.

JSAW's own outreach efforts were at the Go Skate Day parade downtown Minneapolis. It started at Elliot Skatepark where JSAW's outreach team serves riders every week. Some 500 skaters gathered at Elliot Skatepark and then mobbed through the streets to different iconic skate spots. JSAW partnered with Dairy Queen, to give away 350 dilly bars, delighting skaters and providing them with a refreshing treat. With temperatures soaring, this collaboration brought smiles and relief to many of the riders. Riding on mopeds with coolers strapped to the back, JSAW's dedicated team handed out waters and Dilly Bars along the parade route. Our unique approach caught attention and created an enjoyable experience, all while keeping the skaters hydrated and energized.

JSAW's outreach on Go Skateboarding Day left a lasting impact on the skateboarding community in Minnesota. Through our efforts, we not only provided essential refreshments and support but also created a positive and encouraging atmosphere for riders to thrive. The partnership with other skate ministries, shops and Dairy Queen further amplified our reach, ensuring that more skateboarders across different regions were served, uplifted and experiencing the love of Jesus in a practical way. We strive to demonstrate a commitment to making a difference in the lives of skateboarders. Our outreach efforts not only refreshed and encouraged skaters but also showcased the power of God's love, unity and collaboration within the skateboarding community.

If you would like to partner with JSAW and sponsor an outreach event like this please visit

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