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Shop to Make a Difference

You put thought into where you shop, but you are surrounded by so many shopping options that it can be overwhelming to weigh them all. You might ponder where they can get the cheapest prices. Others will consider where they can get the product the soonest, yet some will be drawn toward the best quality or service. I’m sure you have thought through those dichotomies, but have you ever considered where your purchase will make the biggest impact in the lives of others? When it comes to action sports gear, shopping at Help Boardshop is the best way you can make a positive impact in the lives of fellow riders because every dollar spent goes straight to supporting riders.

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Help Boardshop is owned by JSAW, a non-profit organization that exists to transform action sports culture one rider at a time. JSAW has existed since 2004 and launched Help Boardshop in 2013 as a gathering place for rider’s and a supplemental revenue stream to expand the ministry. Today Help Boardshop is an important income stream which allows JSAW to serve more riders than ever before.

What makes shopping at Help Boardshop unique is the fact that since it is a non-profit organization, there is no owner, no investors and no shareholders benefiting from your purchase. In fact, the only people benefiting are your fellow riders. When a purchase is made at Help Boardshop, the profit is used to support the community of riders through JSAW’s programs like small groups, Bible study, outreach, mentoring, and scholarships for sending riders to camps and on dream trips. Many people think that Help Boardshop simply donates a portion of sales to ministry but that is not the case. Help Boardshop and JSAW are one in the same, they are the ministry.

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The great news is that when you choose to shop at Help Boardshop and impact riders lives, you don’t have to forgo the aforementioned qualities you look for in retail options. Affordable pricing is an integral part of our goal to support local riders, so you will always find great prices at Help Boardshop. Everything at Help Boadshop is also immediately available in store or online to be shipped. When it comes to quality service, Help Boardshop is the number one rated boardshop in the state of Minnesota because the core values our staff live by are authenticity, servant leadership and relentless faith, so you will always see that at the shop.

Next time you're looking for some new gear, remember that shopping at Help Boardshop is the best way you can make a positive impact in the lives of fellow riders. Whether you make a donation, or make a purchase, you are changing a riders life forever. Shop now at

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