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The Simple Great Awakening: Inspiring Life of George Whitefield

George Whitefield has been known as one of the greatest preachers and evangelists since the Apostle Paul. He was born in England in 1714. The church booted him out of the pulpit because of his unconventional preaching methods, yet every time he shared the gospel thousands gathered. So Whitefield went out into the fields and began to share the gospel, within 6 weeks over 20,000 lower class workers had gathered to hear him preach. He dangerously crossed the Atlantic in wooden ships 13 times to preach in the colonies. 15 times he journeyed to Scotland to preach. His message was clear, the three R’s:

Ruined by sin

Redeemed by Christ

Regenerated by the Holy Spirit

George believed that in order to have faith that justifies, you must be born again! He preached over 81,000 sermons, built an orphanage and launched the Great Awakening in both Europe and North America. He would stand on a fence or barrel to preach in parks and fields nearly every day. Benjamin Franklin came to hear him share the gospel and calculated that over 25,000 people could clearly hear George Whitefield preach in the open air without a mic. He died at age 55 and they couldn’t even fit all the boats into the harbor for his funeral in Massachusetts. George Whitefield made his life count for the gospel. Will you?

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