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Unique Influence

This past weekend, JSAW brought 10 skaters down to Lauridsen Skatepark, the largest outdoor skatepark in the U.S. This trip consisted of opportunities to build community, gracious hosting, culture shifts, and time with God. Overall a super fun trip was had by all.

This trip also consisted of five unique bible studies all answering the question, 'Why does God want us to pray?'. One of these teachings was on Matthew 21:22 where Jesus said, "If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer." I challenged our riders to ask God for things they were desiring and see what God did. We spent quite a bit of the trip praying over certain events and obstacles that arose and I saw the riders begin to grasp what it meant to pray with real faith.

One rider in particular came on this trip to get over somethings that were going on at home. He saw this trip as an outlet for his baggage, and set out to have an awesome time. Though being on the younger side, and not knowing the other riders, he prayed for us to have a safe time, that no one would sustain injury, and that we could get all sorts of awesome clips. As he continued to grow in his faith, his confidence to skate grew more and more to where he was jumping big stair sets, and sending it off kickers and overall truly progressing in his skating. As things wrapped up and we returned home he mentioned that he had found the community he was looking for and that he would return this Tuesday to our Middle School Bible study to continue making friends and growing in his faith.

JSAW has all sorts of unique opportunities to share what it means to really follow Jesus. We share life with riders through these experiences and see them grow in their personal walk with God as a result. If you or someone you know is looking for community in the twin cities that participates in action sports, I would encourage you to come check one of our programs out. You can find these and so much more on our website at . We are always looking for new ways to grow our programs and how we can better serve riders. Come check us out.

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