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2019 Night of Action

2019 Night of Action

The Night of Action was an outstanding event again this year, with all kinds of fun family activities, everyone had a great time! There were animobiles to ride, a skatepark, jousting, beanbag toss, photo booth, virtual reality skateboard game and even a station to paint pots and plant little succulents. There was a mechanical snowboard contest to see who could stay on the board the longest. With 150 people in attendance, this was the most attended Night of Action yet! However we did not raise near what we had hoped. JSAW’s goal was to raise $40,000 and we were able to raise $10,540.25 at the Night of Action towards our programs. Huge thank you to everyone who invested into JSAW and purchased silent auction items! We will be working hard in the next few short months to raise the shortfall before the year end.

Jonny Nelson, JSAW’s Executive Director, shared the process of how JSAW makes riders into disciples. He also talked about JSAW’s vision going forward to bring on additional program leaders so the ministry can serve more riders each week. This is JSAW’s greatest challenge and fundraising need, we have so many riders and not enough program leaders to serve them all. Zane Black, the featured speaker for the evening, shared about a surfing experience in which the leash connecting him to his board was his lifeline. Surfboards float really well and when a huge wave pummels a surfer into the ocean floor, the leash guides the rider back to the surface for air! In the same way each one of us can be like that leash. You can be a lifeline for a rider, helping to guide them to Jesus so they can live, through prayer, volunteering and investing financial resources into JSAW’s program. If you would like to invest into JSAW, please visit

Thank you Andrew, Phill and Josiah, JSAW’s program leaders! These are the guys who are on the front line everyday making riders into disciples! Also like to thank all our volunteers and staff who work to put this event on. Especially Sherry, Lois, Kathy, Linda and Ann for all their hard work. Thank you to JSAW’s board of directors for giving of their time, talent and treasure to guide our organization… if you’d be interested in volunteering with JSAW, the Night of Action or even our Board of Directors please let us know! Also HUGE thank you to all our donors who came out to support the riders we serve. Thank you for giving and investing into the lives of riders!

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