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3 Simple Ways to Start An Action Sports Ministry

With over 22 million riders and an industry producing 12.2 billion dollars a year, action sports is definitely here to stay. Skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, and other action sports have become trend setting definitions of youth culture worldwide. Yes, worldwide! From Ethiopia to Japan to Peru and everything in between. There are under 200 action sports ministries in the world working to see the culture transformed by and for Christ. Action sports ministries are in dire need of more people to help with this gigantic goal. But before you run off to start a non-profit organization and start reaching the masses, try one of these three simple ways to start an action sports ministry:

  1. Take some photos or film a some clips. Riders love attention. They like to show off and have a fan. Show up at the skate park with a decent camera and you will make friends really quick. If you are willing to serve and be the ‘camera dude’ trust will form into relationships which will form into opportunities to share the gospel with every rider you focus your lens on.

  2. Feed them pizza. After a good session, dudes are hungry. After shredding the fresh powder and the rail yard all day invite everyone out to eat or better yet, just have it delivered to the chalet parking lot. Don’t forget water to replenish. Food brings people together and what a better way to show the love of Jesus than to provide for a strangers basic need for food and water.

  3. Bring stickers to give away. Its funny but true. We all still like stickers for our board. Some nice die-cut stickers or even a simple crack-and-peel from the local shop can start a conversation that leads to new life. Just be sure the stickers are not too cheesy and don’t leave a mess on the beach.

To be real it is just about building relationships in your riding community. You don’t need a logo, a brand, a shop, a park or even the coolest tricks. Do everything to the best of your ability. Make it a priority to be an authentic person, who is willing to serve people in practical ways and have a relentless faith in Christ. Go try it this week, we dare you!

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