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A Trip to the Waters of Florida

Jacob Aldrich is JSAW's longest serving volunteer Rider Support Specialist. Every winter he leads JSAW's outreach and a small group at Elm Creek snowboard hill. Then each summer he also leads a crew out on the water, wakeboarding and wakesurfing. A few months ago, Jamie Wilson, a JSAW Board Member, invited us to visit a wakeboard coaching session in Orlando with the legend and pro wakeboarder Shaun Murray. It was the perfect opportunity to bless Jacob with an epic trip and get some coaching from the best in the business to boost our wake program this summer.

Here is what Jacob had to say after the trip:

I had the opportunity to go on one of the most amazing and perfect trips ever! With the help of Shaun Murray I was able to learn all about the real fundamentals of wakeboarding and different techniques to become a much better coach and rider. He brought me to realize that the rope is my best friend when riding on the water. While pushing with the board and pulling with the rope, it caused me to wind up and set for the wake to wake jump while gaining better balance. That was just one of the valuable tips he gave me. I am very excited to bring all the tactics and techniques out on the water this summer, doing it myself along with training new riders that join our JSAW wake session and Bible study group that we get to do every week during the summer season! I feel way more confident as a coach now too. The next day we went surfing at Cocoa Beach. Being that it was my first time, it was pretty difficult learning to paddle and catch the wave. But after I watched other surfers and a video on how to surf I was able to catch a wave and ride it into shore! An amazing experience! The day after that, I got to play the cajón for a wonderful church called Palmwood Church that supports JSAW's ministry. It was really great being apart of that and meeting everyone there. This trip could not have gone any better!

After boat riding with Shaun, spinning laps at the OWC cable park and then surfing the ocean waves, we were worn out, but it was definately a trip to remember. I (Jonny) was able to make some key connections with donors while there and speak at Palmwood Church to share an update on the ministry on Sunday too. Being able to invest into JSAW's Rider Support Specialist volunteers is so important so that they can better serve riders as we transform action sports culture together.

If you would like to learn more about volunteering with JSAW, please check out

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1 Comment

Vince Miller (Men's Bible Studies)
Vince Miller (Men's Bible Studies)
Apr 13, 2023

Nice job guys. Keep up the great work.

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