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Behind the Scenes

Hello JSAW friends and family,

This past two weeks have been quite incredible. As you know finances have been a little tough lately. We needed to raise $6000 just last week and guess what, we did it! We also have had two kids confess Jesus as Lord of their lives and fully commit themselves to Him, as well as one rededication of faith. Our weekly Bible study attendance is through the roof and we are planning on starting new Bible studies soon on different days of the week to accommodate to our larger audience.

This past Friday was our all night lock in skateboard event. I knew I was in for it when I signed up to work this event, but boy was it fun. From the moment the kids arrived at 8pm on Friday their energy levels were through the roof. But, as a smart youth leader I planned a through list of activities on an hour by hour schedule. There was not one moment throughout that 12 hour period of the all night event that kids were not doing something. I thought for sure that as soon as 4 or 5am rolled around many kids would be asleep on whatever flat surface they could find, but I was completely wrong. One rider in particular never stopped skateboarding, unless I made him for activities or Bible study. At 6am I walked into the skatepark and there he was with a big smile on his face rolling back and forth over the ramps. That night my intern and I conducted two Bible studies, lead 2 games, gave out prizes for 5 contests, played two movies, and monitored sugar intake for all 14 riders. What a night, I am looking forward to the next all night lock in next spring.

Here is a rider at the All Night Skate Lock In event just enjoying some awesome donated Chick-Fil-A. 

Continue to pray for JSAW as we prepare for our next event, the donor dinner. We need to continue raising financial support at a rapid pace, precisely $80,000 by the end of this year. This may sound daunting, but with God’s help this is not an impossible task and he continues to prove His point as he comes through week after week.

Upcoming Events 1) Annual Donor Dinner (November 12th from 6-8pm) 2) Black Friday Sale (November 25) 3) Snowboard Bible begins (December 1) 4) Parent Breakfast (December 10) 5) Ski/Snowboard Trip (January 13-16) – sign up now for the discounted price Ministry Needs 1) 2-3 people to assist in hospitality service project for G-Team’s private sale at Help Boardshop (November 7) 2) Introductions to those in community that have access to non-profit foundations

Tune in next week for more stories and updates from JSAW ministry.


Jake Tastad Program Director (651) 335-3929

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