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Board Member Spotlight – Josh Rosamond

Josh Rosamond – Board Treasurer 

Tell us a little about yourself:

I’ve been married for 5 years to Karina, who is an incredible and hard working wife. 10 months ago, we had our first baby girl, Thora. We live in Chaska and go to church at Wooddale. I work at the McKnight Foundation in finance. My greatest passion is music and I spent years singing in bands. Our family loves hiking, camping, and exploring and our adventures usually consist of 40+ hours in the car because the mountains are so far from Minnesota.

When and how you became a Christ-Follower?

I grew up in an amazing Christian home, with a family of strong faith and deeply-rooted truth. I was fortunate to have a Christian education as well and my own faith came naturally. Head knowledge is not sufficient however and I fell in many ways in my teen years. Once while skateboarding and trespassing in a church parking lot, my life was significantly changed. We were shocked when Phil, the youth pastor, invited us in rather than kicking us out. He put us to work playing in the worship band and endured the Iron Maiden we would play before the service started. Phil and his wife loved us and made such an effort to truly know us even though we were pretty wild. My decision to follow Christ and continually trust in His plan is what mattered most. Even with incredible support in my life, my faith saved me when I was on the edge.

How did you get connected to JSAW?

I grew up as a long-haired, heavy metal skater and experienced the rejection the culture relentlessly faces. My faith protected me from the darker side of the culture. However, many friends fell to the pressures and some never really recovered. This demographic is underserved and overlooked by our society, even churches. JSAW has the unique talent of connecting personally with riders, showing Christ’s love, and changing lives. After supporting JSAW for years, I finally took a chance to get more involved. I volunteered at the shop in the back office. The more I served at JSAW, the more I was moved at the impact that they have with so few resources and staff. I saw a need on the board and though I felt underqualified, God prompted me to join. Now I have been on the board for two years. I have realized that above all else, JSAW needs people to show up to support them, just like Jonny and his team show up for the kids, and Jesus always shows up for us. There are so many opportunities to be involved and this organization has the potential to change the culture in epic proportions.

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