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Christian Surfers International Conference in Costa Rica

Surfing is a passion that has created a large family of Christian Surfers around the world, but more importantly we learned after our 2012 conference that Jesus is the reason for our existence. He unites us and He is the one we surf for! We are part of a tribe that God has called to bring the good news to our brothers in the water and show them the joy that comes when you say: ¨Surfing with Jesus is Pura Vida¨. Pura vida translates to Pure Life, a term that is well known amongst ¨ticos¨ (locals from Costa Rica), expressing that life is complete and full, that you are happy right now, living in the present and not worrying about tomorrow. This reminds us that no matter how tired we may be in a surf session, when we are in the wave, we become one, we forget about everything as it brings us happiness, joy, and freedom. It’s a different wave every time, with different challenges, but like our life when we have Jesus, then it becomes Pura Vida – pure life to its maximum! Come and let´s claim the feeling of freedom that we receive when we say: ¨Surfing with Jesus is Pura Vida! ¨ John 10:10 … I have come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly. The Christian Surfers International Conference is coming up July 27 – August 1 in Costa Rica and you don’t want to miss it! Click HERE for more info and to get registered.

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