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Different Christmas Perspective

Action sports people see the world differently. As riders we see a handrail and think about what tricks we can do on it. We want to explore and create a different use for that handrail. We offer a different perspective to the world. Perspective is how our mind portrays things. Every person in the world can have a different perspective. Sometimes our perspective portrays things as they really are. Sometimes our perspective is incorrect. Facebook is filled with different perspectives on what happened in Ferguson, MO with Michael Brown. What does it mean for America? Racism? Law enforcement? Everyone is searching for the truth. Which perspective is real and true?

Everyone has a different perspective on Christmas too. For some it’s about giving and getting gifts. For others Christmas is about Jesus birth. For others it’s about spending time with family and eating sugar cookies! I want to challenge your perspective and encourage you to see things as they actually are. I want you to see Christmas differently and to get a different perspective of Jesus. Don’t just believe everything you see or hear or feel. Please open your Bible the Christmas season and find out if your perspective of Jesus is true.

Take the Christmas quiz to see how well you know the true story of Jesus birth. Then share with your friends! [QUIZZIN 1]

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