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Divine Appointment

Hello JSAW Family,

My life is hilarious sometimes as a missionary at JSAW. Within the past couple weeks I have found myself sitting with successful business professionals, sophisticated professors, and struggling parents. Looking back I say to myself, who am I, a 23 year-old employee at a small skatepark to be meeting with such successful and struggling people? Then I remember what I signed up for when I started this job: to allow God the ability to use my role at JSAW to expand his Kingdom. Thus, I can certainly say I continually find myself in divine appointments organized by the God of the universe.

One divine appointment I was very honored to be apart of this past week was my experience at a local school. At first, I was a little thrown off by my invitation. I read the invitation and in my mind I asked myself, why me Lord? I arrived at the school to find myself amongst a room full of teachers with multiple degrees and tenure status. The topic of discussion was centered on the special accommodations of a student involved in the JSAW program. My role was to share my experiences with this student, as well as the importance of skateboarding in his life. What I found out was that skateboarding had become such a significant part of his life, through being at Help Boardshop, that within his special accommodations included the activity of skateboarding each day at school. So, I sat in my chair trying to sit up straight and not sweat through my shirt as I spoke to and answered these teachers questions. Not only was this an educational experience for the professors, but I also was granted a much needed picture into the life of this rider.

Another amazing event that happened this week was our monthly waffle breakfast for parents. I find this time significant because I get another window into the lives of riders. In the action sports culture there are no unified parental influences because of the lack of coaches and teams. By building a community for parents of action sports athletes to belong we build a stronger foundation for their kids to experience the transformation and renewal of Jesus. I have also found that these meetings are healing experiences for parents to commune over their kids’ issues, as well as ask for advice from other parents who may have gone through similar experiences. I also appreciate the parents’ advice and critique, so I can continue to develop our program at JSAW.

That is all for this week’s update. Please check out our ministry needs and schedule below.

Have a blessed week,

Jake Tastad Program Director at JSAW (651) 335-3929

Upcoming Events 1) Hot cocoa and wax (Dec. 16th) 2) Christmas Party (Dec. 21st) 3) Ski and Snowboard Trip (Jan. 13-16th)

Needs of the ministry 1) Christmas Party Needs A. 15 boxes of graham crackers B. Candy for making gingerbread houses (2 bags) 2) Bible Study Night Needs (Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday) A. Food for riders (call Jake to be added to the schedule) 3) Facility Needs A. A team of 3-5 people for maintenance project – Examples: deep clean, paint, knock down a wall, install a drinking fountain 4) Organization Needs A. Donate (help us keep our doors open)

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