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Eating at Elk River

This past weekend, our weekly outreach event coincided with both 3rd Lair's Summer Series contest & the annual Elk Riverfest. Consequently, we saw it as an opportunity to do a service project for those that were going to be out shredding in the sun. Thankfully, an abundance of riders showed up; many of which came with family and friends.

At the table we set up, we offered chips, waters, juices, and hot dogs. One of our staff, alongside three volunteers, served a total of 50 dogs and 80 bags of chips (the only items we kept track of). As a result, we were able to serve 40 individuals, helping them stay hydrated and nourished as they enjoyed their time in the sun.

Quite a few of the people we served expressed confusion when they found out that the food and beverages were free, which gave us the opportunity to explain why we were in a position to do so. The fact is that our sponsors have financially supported JSAW in such a way that we are able to provide the propane, food supplies, beverages, coolers and ice to serve them.

At JSAW one of our values, that all our staff and volunteers live by is Servant Leadership. We think serving is a worthwhile investment of our time and resources, because Mark 10:45 reminds us that "even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve." As we seek to model our lives after Christ, it's important that we look for (and create) opportunities to serve others around us.

While the main goal is to make disciples, as Jesus tells us to do (via the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20), we also ought to meet our neighbor's practical needs. Jesus did this by washing his disciples' feet, feeding a crowd, and physically healing people.

Our hope is that those we served would recognize our efforts as being inspired entirely by Jesus, and that they would be receptive to his love and free gift of salvation.

If you'd like to sponsor an event like this, you can do so at

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