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Fundraising Dinner Report

JSAW’s 12th Annual Fundraiser Dinner Report

“How did the fundraiser go?” It is the question I have been hearing quite a bit lately. Frankly I’d rather be writing about Jesus than money, but I also understand people ask because they care. So how did the fundraising dinner go? I think it went well but it could be so much better.

Let me explain why starting with our budget. Here is a simplified version of JSAW’s monthly 2016 budget:

Operating Income (ie. shop/park sales, trips, camps)      $9000 a month Non-Operating Income (ie. donations, fundraisers)         $16,000 a month

Shop Expenses (ie. rent, utilities, insurance)                       $10,000 a month Program Expenses (ie. staff, mentoring, small groups)   $10,000 a month

To summarize, JSAW’s budget is planned to bring in $25,000 a month and spend $20,000. This extra $5000 a month would be used to expand our capacity by building an emergency fund, hiring more staff, and saving for a larger facility. It is a good plan!

In the first three months of 2016 JSAW brought in $15,000 a month instead of $25,000. Our emergency funds were gone and bank accounts at zero. Since then JSAW has averaged just under $20,000 each month in income and expenses. At JSAW’s fundraising dinner we raised $10,695! It’s an incredible gift and we are so happy and thankful for it. It’s a breath of fresh air for our staff. Yet it could be better. JSAW has been $30,000 behind since the first quarter. By December 31st JSAW needs to raise $68,000 to cover year end expenses, rebuild the emergency savings, and cover the first quarter of 2017 when donations are low. We also need $1750/month in reoccurring donations to help stabilize the organization throughout the year so that we are not so reliant on one time gifts.

We are financially frugal at JSAW. For example the average household income in the Twin Cities area is $6000 a month. JSAW’s three full time staff are paid just under $6000 a month combined. We’d like to see that increase. JSAW’s board of directors oversees all spending and we have an external auditor go over JSAW’s books.

So yes! The fundraising dinner was awesome! It was a huge blessing and we are extremely grateful for everyone who came and gave.

And we want to improve!

As you consider your year-end giving please be praying about how you can help support JSAW.

Here are a couple ideas to help support: -Pray for JSAW. -Sign up to support JSAW monthly and donate $100/month. -Help us hit our year end budget and donate $10,000 toward our $100,000 goal. -Do some Christmas shopping at Help Boardshop where we have skateboards, snowboards, shoes and apparel. -Ask your friends and family to match your gift.

Jonny Nelson Executive Director 952-452-1283

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