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God’s Movement

Have you ever hit a rough patch? I have! Looking back it is mostly because of my own blunders, but sometimes it seems like things just are not working, even when I am doing everything right. Last week JSAW’s bank accounts were running low and the monthly bills were piling up. In August one-time donations had fallen far short of our needed goal and on October 1st our shortage would become a reality. I had notified the board of directors, asked donors, and encouraged the staff to sell more in the shop. NOTHING. Flat-line. Nothing made the needles jump. So I worried and prayed more.

Sunday, Sept 27th we loaded up our van and trailer for the last skate demo of the summer in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Most of our regular demo skaters were unavailable for the event, but thankfully two dudes who live in Wisconsin named Zac and Nathaniel were able to join Ian and myself to skate. We showed up, set up the mobile park in the church driveway and had a blast performing for the 350+ kids that came through that evening. After the demo and a few other activities the church had going on, everyone moved inside for a concert and I had the opportunity to share the gospel. 75 kids came forward and over 55 decisions to follow Jesus were made that night. Each of the kids who decided to follow Jesus were immediately connected with a leader in the youth group for follow up. I was blown away to see how God moved that night and to think that I got to be a small part of it.

On the way home the next day, Monday, I checked my email and found a $5000 donation that had come in that morning. Just enough to cover our bills that were due on Wednesday, for the month of October. I was blown away again by God’s movement. Tuesday I had a meeting scheduled with a donor to talk about our sustainability plans and current financial state. The meeting went well and another $5000 was donated to JSAW. Again I was blown away by God’s movement.

In 2 Chronicles 18:31 we see Jehoshaphat, dressed up as Ahab, the evil king of Israel, being surrounded by the enemy in battle. It was a strategy to spare king Ahab from death, that almost worked. It is a pivotal moment between ‘check’ and ‘checkmate’ where the whole game, your life, strategies, relationships and goals flash before your eyes. Then God moves. The enemy walks away sparing Jehoshaphat’s life. The evil king Ahab is killed at random in battle even disguised as a common soldier. That day God moved!

This past week has been a blunt reminder of God’s movement. I may have 10 years of experience in action sports ministry, multiple college degrees, a strategic plan and a relentless drive to win, but none of that matters. God’s movement matters. I miss seeing God’s movement because I get to focused on my own movement. We don’t have a license to be lazy and do nothing but God is present and He is moving whether we see it or not. God’s movement this past week has been outrageously encouraging. I challenge you to spend time with Jesus this week and join God’s movement. Share this. How have you seen God move lately?

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