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Help Build a SkatePark in South Africa

Help Build a SkatePark in South Africa

Christian Skaters Paarl has been reaching out to skate kids in Paarl, South Africa since 2011. During that time they have introduced many riders to Jesus and helped them get plugged in to local churches in a vibrant, multi-cultural skate community where relics of the old racially segregated South Africa are still an issue. After receiving sponsorship from the USA they built a selection of small ramps and fun boxes which are taken to a local public car-park to create a makeshift skate park. It is their dream to establish a permanent skate park that can be a safe, positive environment for all the local skaters. Seeing this dream become a reality would also give the group leaders a venue to meet skaters, share the gospel and engage them in discipleship. The great news is that a space has opened up at a local sports-ground which is run by a charitable organization. CS Paarl is now in the process of raising funds for the construction work that will be needed before the park can be built. Would you please prayerfully consider helping fund the work and also pray for the skaters in Paarl, that God will continue to do an amazing work among them.

For more info contact Dave Emmerson

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