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Ian’s Last Day

Over the last 8 years I have had good times, hard times, laughed, been sad, and done some pretty epic stuff with JSAW and its partners. All sessions come to an end and December 1st will be my last day as a staff member. I’m not really sure how to sum it all up. Although what I do know is we have lived and breathed by the grace and humor of Jesus Christ the whole way.

For those of you who had not heard, I asked my lovely girlfriend Kelli to marry me. She said yes! It is part of why I’m moving on. I have been looking for greener financial pastures which we can get started on. Also what the organization needs is not what I am. We really need people who are skilled in the craft of business and retail. I am stepping out of the way so these people can take my place. So, if you know anybody who could fit that bill, send them Jonny’s way.

Now the guys need your help. What you need to do for them is give. It is easy and it is tax deductible. Because you may not know, no one makes a living wage at JSAW, has health insurance, and each of the staff scrape by on the most basic needs. So please, please, please give money generously to help make sure all the needs are met and Jonny, Josh, Phil, and Jake can continue to keep serving the Lord without having to take it out of their own hide. You can also pray for the ministry often and hard. Print off this article and put it on your fridge, on the dash of your car, set a recurring reminder on your phone, whatever it takes for you remember to do this. Just do it. They need it. In addition you can tell your friends and family about what we do and spread the word. The more people know about us and what we do, the more chances we have of meeting kids who have not heard of Jesus yet.

What’s next for me? Planning a wedding and becoming the new Assistant Service Manager at Erick’s Bike Shop in Burnsville, MN. I will be volunteering with the SFC Afton on Friday nights. Working on my degree in Clothing Manufacturing at Minneapolis Community and Technical College and studying how I can use that to effect social just issues in that industry. I am hoping to find some time to actually ride my skateboard.

Thanks to every parent, student, and donor who I have ever crossed paths with over the last 8 years.

God bless,


The first JSAW trip Ian went on, behind the wheel of the beloved JSAW van.

Fast plant at the Christian Skaters International Conference in Fort Lauderdale, FL

The crew from JSAW’s first national tour with the Billy Graham Association

Ian and Kelli

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