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Jesus’ Parables 2

Wakeboard Program Summer Study Jesus’ Parables 2

Have you ever done something that you look back on and go, “Wow, that was really stupid”? A few winters ago some friends and I were  driving around looking for urban spots to hit. We came across a large parking garage that had a giant snow pile at the base of the structure. Thus, we thought we were pretty smart to jump off of it on our snowboards and build a jump off the top of this three story parking garage. The snow pile was pushed away from the parking garage about 15 feet so again we thought it would be smart to get a tow in with a car. Luckily, I hit the jump and made the landing. But, I look back and go, “Wow, that was really stupid,” because in reality, I could have gotten really hurt.

This is exactly what Jesus is trying to get across to his disciples in Luke 8:4-14. He explains that there are four different types of responses to hearing the Gospel. One is to hear it and be immediately stripped of its’ understanding because of the devil’s deceptive nature. The second is to have heard the word and receive it with joy, but the person does not have a strong identity as a child of God and falls away when trials arise. The third type of response is heard but this person finds himself or herself dependent on the things of the world in order to define themselves, such as pleasures and riches. Lastly, the fourth response is what the Bible calls the “good soil,” this is a response where someone hears the Gospel and responds to it, in turn developing a solid identity in Christ for himself or herself. This solid identity that Jesus promises can never be broken or destroyed, although, it takes work to develop this type of foundation in one’s life.

Therefore, just as every farmer knows, a seed needs to be watered, have sunlight, and good soil in order to grow. As we each respond to the Gospel in our lives, ask your self, who is helping you grow in your faith in Jesus? Here at JSAW we offer help for anyone that wants to grow deeper in his or her faith. We call it mentorship. This happens when the older generation (JSAW’s staff) is intentionally pouring into the younger generation (skaters, snowboarders, wakeboarders). Therefore, seek out a staff member today and schedule one on one time with them so you can learn from someone who has walked where you have, in order to grow in your faith this summer. I know that for me personally I would not be where I am today without faithful mentors in my life. They have helped redirect me away from a lot of stupid decisions that I would have made because in the moment it seemed cool or right.

Jake Tastad JSAW Wakeboard Program Leader

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