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Jesus’ Parables 3

Wakeboard Program Summer Study Jesus’ Parables 3

Parable of the Weeds

Do you ever wonder why bad things happen to good people? Or vice versa, why good things happen to bad people? I remember when I was younger my mother made me go to bed at 7:30pm. I hated it, especially in the summer because the sun was still out. I could still hear my neighbor friends playing outside, while I would be lying in my bed. Every night I would complain and tell her that it was not fair that I had to go to bed when the rest of my friends got to stay up and play. She would quickly respond by reminding me that life is not fair. I am sure many of you reading this can relate with someone telling you that life is not fair. But, I ask myself, why not? If God is such a good God why are there such things as terrorists, divorces, or poverty? Why do some people succeed at the harm or pain of others?

As I read Matthew 13:24-30 I learned that Jesus came to sow good seeds, which are faithful people who’s allegiance lies in serving God and each other. But, because God loves us and wants us to be in a relationship with him he gave humans free will to choose whether or not to be in a relationship with Him. It is impossible to have a relationship with someone unless it is a mutual effort. Therefore, Jesus tells his disciples the reality of the matter, which is that some will choose him and some will not. The people who choose to side with the devil are the weeds and they choke out the life of the good crops around them. They are after their own desires, always looking out for “number one”. As believers it can be frustrating to watch evil people thrive in this world, but it is just a reminder that this world is not our home; it is a broken world filled with sin. Saying that it is not a dull and dreary place would not serve it justice. It was created for our enjoyment and God’s will, but God’s will is for us to be an intimate relationship with him and others. Thus, it is comforting to know that God will serve the ultimate justice in the end. All those who take advantage of others in this life will have to account for it at the end of the age.

Now, because everyone is sinful, we are all doomed. But, Jesus stepped in to take on the sins of the world. Therefore, everyone in relationship with Jesus is saved from eternal punishment. Life is not a fair place, but in the end everyone will have to account for his or her actions and decisions they made in their life. Experience the overwhelming peace Christ offers through his life, death, and resurrection. Jesus offers a free gift to us who do not deserve anything but death. Please, talk to a staff member at JSAW today about making a commitment to Jesus for the rest of your life.

In love, The JSAW Staff

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