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Jesus’ Parables 4

Wakeboard Program Summer Study Jesus’ Parables 4

When I was in third grade I loved to ride my skateboard. I lived in an area of town that was always under development, so my friends and I would always go and take scraps of wood out of construction dumpsters to build skateboard ramps. The fun thing about these times of life was that my friends and I were always being creative and staying outdoors. But, the downsides to these times were that, as a third grader, I did not have a lot of experience with using tools. Therefore, my ramps were often  not up to par safety wise. One time I built an entire half pipe. I was so excited and proud of my work. It had taken a long time and it was the largest feature I had ever built. I wanted to show my parents what I had done, so I brought them outside and told them to watch as I rode my new creation. They were not as thrilled about it at first glance as I had wanted them to be, but they still allowed me to demonstrate my skills in front of them. The first drop in I immediately caught on a piece of plywood sticking out at the base of the ramp. I lunged forward and smacked right into the face of the other side of the ramp. I quickly teared up and my parents frantically disassembled my ramp. This caused me to cry even more because my hard work had been taken down in a matter of minutes.

In Matthew 21:33-41 Jesus tells a parable about wicked tenants that rent a field for harvesting. When the landowner sends his workers to collect rent they are beaten by the wicked tenants. The landowner then decides to send his son, because after all they must listen to his own heir if they are any bit of respect for the landowner. But, the son got the worst outcome of the tenant’s evil deeds; he is killed in cold blood.

This passage relates to us today because God has done so much for humankind. He is constantly trying to win us over. He has put in hard work to show us that he loves us more than anyone or anything could ever love us. But, because of our sinful nature we deny Christ like the tenants did when they killed the son of the landowner. Therefore, do not disregard Jesus because you think you are too cool or do not need him, because this parable is specifically speaking to the religious leaders of the day who denied Christ; it is a parable of judgment for them. Jesus has proved himself worthy by dying for each and every person on planet earth. Just like my skateboard ramp, our lives and our hard work can be taken away from us at any moment. But, Jesus promises that those who trust in Him will live eternally as tenants of his field who love and obey Him. What will you decide? Is Jesus God, a liar, or a crazy person? Those are the only logical options. Choose wisely.

Jake Tastad JSAW Wakeboard Program Leader

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