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Jesus’ Parables 5

Wakeboard Program Summer Study Jesus’ Parables 5

It is crazy to think about God’s forgiveness. I think about where I have been, what I have done, and the times when I have had the pure attitude of rejection towards God. God’s forgiveness is hard for me to fathom. Sometimes, I have a really hard time forgiving others like Christ forgave me. Every one of us has a few people in our lives that really get under our skin. Right? Think about, or even write down, a list of those people in your life – I encourage you to clearly identify them in this moment. As we examine the parable of the prodigal son we will see how Jesus’ teaches on the theme of forgiveness.

In the parable of prodigal son from Luke 15:11-32, a son squanders his inheritance and blatantly walks out on his own family, yet the father (symbolic of our heavenly Father) joyfully accepts his son back into his household. What would you do if someone blew 1/3 of all you had ever worked for your entire life on prostitutes, drugs, and partying? It would be very easy to ditch that relationship because it would have no return on the amount of investment it would take to be around that person. Although, God is just like this father in this parable. Even though there is so much investment and so little gain from being in a relationship with us, he willingly and joyfully offers himself up for us so we can experience his perfection. As followers, we must take on this identity as citizens of the Kingdom of God, while living as citizens of the world. One thing that will always give away a citizen of the Kingdom of God will be their uncontrollable forgiveness to those who are lost and broken.

Are there lost and broken people in your life that are in need of your forgiveness? Or are you like the son in this parable, in need of forgiveness? Jesus guarantees forgiveness to all who humbly surrender to him. Look at that list of people right now, do you have a desire to learn about why God has put those people in your life? Start by praying to God in order to grow in sympathy for the lost and broken. This will allow you to be around these people without needing to feel like you have to react to all of their comments or actions.

Ultimately, it is a blessing and a privilege for you to invest in these people because it is proof of you being set apart for God’s glory and not your own.

Jake Tastad JSAW Wakeboard Program Leader

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