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JSAW’s Tuesday Group

JSAW’s Tuesday Group

This summer Andrew and Brandon did outreach every Tuesday evening at Eden Prairie skate plaza. They brought pizza for all the riders at the park and shared a short message about Jesus’ love and the joy that is found in Him. This week they took some time to reflect and write on how this outreach went:

Some riders became regulars attending every week while others came sporadically throughout the summer. This was a great opportunity to build relationships in the community and dig deeper in conversations with riders. Many of them expressed having known about Jesus but not following him with their life. They were open to discussions about their lives and some even seemed interested in accepting Jesus. However, when we asked them to pray to accept Christ’s love in that moment, they declined. They would express a need for a savior in their life and show how they personally relate to what we were sharing but not take the step of placing faith in Jesus. Over the summer many seeds were planted and we continue to pray for these riders daily. It was encouraging to see how the riders stood behind what we were doing even if they did not necessarily believe in Jesus. Along with the free pizza they loved how we brought riders together in the community and shared “positive messages”. Both of us feel as though we grew personally through these experiences, becoming more bold in our faith and more focused on creating relationships to share our faith. 

It is exciting to see Brandon and Andrew out sharing their faith with riders every week AND to see how God is growing each of them as well. The Tuesday outreach group will continue until the cold weather sets in. Please continue to pray for the riders, as well as Brandon and Andrew as they work to raise their support. If you feel led to donate click here!

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