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June Action Item – Tell a Friend about JSAW

June’s Action Item – Tell A Friend About JSAW

Leading up to JSAW’s Night of Action on October 7th we have created a list of action items for you to engage with. For the month of June the action item is to ‘tell a friend about JSAW.’ We asked a handful of riders how they were introduced to JSAW and they all said a friend introduced them! Just this past week we were studying the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19 at Bible study. We challenged the riders to invite someone new to Bible study and we gave each of them special discount cards to hand out. For all our parents and donors we’d like to do the same thing. To get new people connected to JSAW and even to join us at the Night of Action we want to encourage you and give you tools to tell a friend about JSAW. Below is a list of options:

1) What should you tell your friends?

People like stories, so tell your story. Share how you got connected and why you like the organization. If you are unsure, here is a simple way to explain the organization:  “JSAW is an action sports ministry started in 2004 with the mission of making riders into disciples. The organization is headquartered in Edina, MN at their indoor skate park and Boardshop called Help. Kids in action sports, like skateboarding and snowboarding, often get a bad rap. JSAW’s staff work to support riders, teach them what it means to follow Jesus and transform their life. They have programs and all sorts of activities for riders to get engaged in, from camps and contests to small groups and mentoring. They also do missions projects serving riders all over the world like building a skatepark in Panama or leading a skatecamp in Egypt. You should learn more at their website or hit up their Instagram/Facebook… or even just stop by the shop in Edina and check it out.”

2) Do you have anything I can give my friends?

We absolutely do. Stop by the shop and pick up a handful of brochures to give to other parents or adult friends. For the kids we have stickers and coupons for the indoor skate park. While you’re at the shop ask one of the staff how God has been moving through the ministry. They’ll tell you some stories you won’t be able to stop talking about! Better yet, bring a friend with you to see the place firsthand! The shop is open 12-7pm Monday – Friday and 12-5pm on Saturday. Here is the address: 7385 Bush Lake Rd., Edina, MN 55439. See you soon!

3) Do you have anything I can post on my social media? 

Video is the best so we have our classic JSAW promo video ( which gives an overview of the ministry. We also have a video of Sam’s Story ( which is a powerful testimony of how God is transforming riders. Share either of these videos on your social media and tag us by typing @jsawministries in your post.

4) Is there a quick easy thing I could do?

Forward the email newsletter that JSAW sends out at the beginning of each month. Or better yet ask your friend if you can sign them up to get JSAWs email newsletter. Be sure to ask first. Then send us their email address to and we will add them to the list.

5) I am excited about this, how could I go above and beyond? 

Invite one of our staff to come share with your friends. We’ll come to your office, your church, your small group or even a barbecue at your house to share about JSAW. We promise to not ask for donations or be pushy about getting your friends involved. We’ll just share information and inspiration. We may even have some creative ways to get our sponsors involved to hook your people up!

Thanks for getting involved and telling a friend about JSAW! 

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