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KC Road Trip Recap 2015

Kansas City Road Trip Recap

July 27th-August 1st

As the campers assembled into the van, the week started with energizer bunny energy and a sugar intake that could not be measured. Every stop along the way out to Kansas City was another adventure and more candy. But, the adventure had not even lifted off the ground at this point. Upon arrival to KC Watersports, the campers’ jaws completely fell open at the sight of the placid doughnut shaped pond, floating features, and the white sand beach. This cable park was a new image for these Minnesota kids. As the week went on, the campers faced their fears one by one as they took their wakeboard skills to the next level.

Then, as our four-hour sessions each day came to a close we would peel ourselves off of the lawn chairs on the beach because we were so tired, and head back to the campsite to eat and do Bible study. Each evening around the fire we studied a piece of the Sermon on the Mount. The theme of the week was that the Kingdom of God is here and now. But, even though my theme was contextually correct and a very good point to cover, God seemed to use His words for something much greater. Each evening kids brought up the theme of forgiveness. Therefore, as we listened and discussed Jesus’ model of forgiveness the campers opened their hearts to hurt and bitterness still bound up inside of them. As we continued to examine the power of forgiveness and the freedom found within it, I was able to share how God is constantly working to transform me in to someone who easily extends forgiveness. By the end of the trip everyone agreed that forgiveness is a valuable skill to pursue, but difficult because we want justice for the harm done to us. Jesus promises justice to all of His followers, and that is a security that endures through trials and time.

Altogether, this past week was physically and emotionally tiring. I am so pleased to see the kids dive into each lesson and ask questions about forgiveness, as forgiveness is a trait that all Christians should be marked by because humanity never deserved Jesus’ forgiveness after what we did to Him.

Jake Tastad JSAW Wakeboard Program Leader

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