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MN Spring Ride Recap

MN Spring Ride Recap


On June 6, 2015 JSAW took a trip up to Brainerd, Minnesota to serve the wakeboard community at the annual Minnesota Spring Ride contest. This contest attracts local and pro riders from all over Minnesota to compete for straight cash. It also is a sight that draws wakeboard enthusiasts from all around Minnesota. Therefore, it was a great opportunity for JSAW to serve and make an impact on the local wakeboard culture.

Upon arrival, my co-worker Phil and I immediately started grilling hot dogs for everyone on shore watching the event. I had gotten ahold of the announcer to have him advertise that free hot dogs were being given away. This quickly drew people in and we ended up talking with a select few of them for around an hour and then meeting their friends too. Thus, Phil and I quickly worked our way into meeting and sharing with others our heart behind our ministry, as well as got to hear about the occupations of so many others at the event.

Throughout our time at this sub-cultured event Phil and I served 39 hot dogs, met around 50 people, had around 13 faith conversations, prayed for 1 guy and made plans to follow up with Twin Cities locals. At first glance of showing up at the contest it was extremely awkward. There was loud music playing but no one dancing, just sitting in lawn chairs in the sand either recovering or still drinking from the previous night’s big party. But, as we started grilling hot dogs and setting our beach games up people quickly drew to us. We are looking forward to going back next year to serve our local wakeboard riders. Please, continue to keep the wakeboard culture in your prayers. It is a broken culture filled with some many people who desperately want something to fill them up with purpose and meaning. At JSAW we understand that as our savior Jesus Christ. Thus, as we share Jesus with the wakeboard culture, please come along side of us with your support and prayers because God loves wake boarders and is drawing more and more of them to us.

– Jake Tastad, JSAW Wakeboard Program Leader

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