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New Shop/Park Manager – Ben VanOss

New Shop/Park Manager – Ben VanOss

Welcome Ben VanOss as JSAW’s new Shop/Park Manager! Ben is graduating from Northwestern University with a bachelors in Non-Profit Administration and a minor in Marketing. He has a solid amount of experience in small business development and ministry leadership. Ben grew up riding at Hyland Hills and was involved with JSAW as a kid years ago. He is passionate about making riders into disciples, especially because he has seen first hand how JSAW has helped so many riders. He is a perfect fit for JSAW!

Ben had applied for JSAW’s Development Director position earlier this year. Throughout the interview process we felt he would be a great fit for the organization but in a slightly different role. The one challenge was JSAW had only raised enough to hire one person this year, a Development Director, and we knew Kathy Larson was the right person for that role. The plan was to hire the shop/park manager for JSAW next year. Then 24 hours after his final interview, an anonymous donor stepped forward without being asked and pledged $20,000 if we could hire both Ben and Kathy at the same time. Praise the Lord! We are all working together to raise the rest of his salary and we believe God will provide through JSAW’s incredible donors and the added talent both Ben and Kathy bring to the organization. (or in some other miraculous way we don’t know about yet, haha!)

We are so excited to have Ben join the staff as the new shop/park manager. He will be responsible for the management and growth of our retail sales and indoor skatepark. Ben will also use his marketing skills to promote and grow the organization’s programs and fundraising efforts. AND he will get to engage in JSAW’s ministry to riders as well! Feel free to drop Ben an email to welcome him to the team!

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