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Rock the Boat

WakeWell Minnesota is a newer ministry to the Midwest. This summer we have been just trying to raise up a group to take out on the boat each week. This has been a struggle with all the rain and flooding, but God is at work in WakeWell. Now the boat is overflowing with kids! There are many kids I never thought would come, riding with us each week. I know for a fact that they would not walk into a church if their life depended on it. Every week we bring these guys out on the boat to go wakeboarding, wakeskating, and surfing. It is a phenomenal time! But we also try our best to rock the boat. What does that mean? We simply share the gospel in a relate-able way. We love to be controversial, challenging kids and connecting them with the living water of Jesus Christ. Its about uniting their inner desires with our God given and created purpose as human beings; we are created for worship.

As of last week I have seen God move in ways of encouragement to the believers who attended our leadership/discipleship group. I have also seen God giving hope to the nonbelievers at our outreach group.

Our leadership group consists of a couple guys who are in high school trying to stand up for their faith, while being bombarded by worldly pleasures and desires. I remember being where they were and how confusing it was to know how to act as a Christian in those circumstances. Seeing where they were at, we talked about how important it is to have godly friends, and for your godly friends to keep you accountable.

Our outreach group consists of many people ranging from 11-18 years old. They are all in different spots, but many of them are struggling in their home lives. Last week a couple of the boys opened up and asked for prayer for their families. Seeing where they were at has inspired me to focus on showing the hope of Jesus and explaining how the gospel changes one’s life. The mere smiles and simple fun that we had on the boat I knew they did not have at home. Giving them a place of belonging is just a start for these boys as they enter on their faith journey.

As you can see God is moving in great ways here at WakeWell Minnesota. We are happy to see kids come and enjoy themselves, especially when they feel trapped by the pressures of the world. Jesus calls us as believers to put our trust in him by giving up our need for control (Philippians 4). That is why, as we rock the boat at WakeWell, our goal is not to leave them empty handed, but walk alongside of these kids as they struggle with their faith in Jesus. Pray for us as we have been given a great opportunity to be Christ to these kids, because they will be leaders themselves one day, for better or for worse.

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