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Skate Camp

Last week concluded JSAW’s second and final week of skate camp. In total 17 riders attended. Each week was filled with games, fun food, bible studies, and of course skateboarding. The theme of the week was back to the basics. JSAW coaches challenged riders to perfect the basic skateboarding tricks and basics of faith. At first, the more advanced riders were annoyed by this agenda but as we saw them easily perform the basics we challenged them to do these tricks “switch” or opposite of their normal way. This led to lots of laughter as the advanced riders tried and failed instantly. They realized in that moment that they hadn’t learned all the basics of riding thoroughly. In Bible study each day we went over the topics of the Gospel, the Bible, identity formation, prayer, and church. The variety of faith backgrounds made for some great discussion that challenged everyone.

JSAW’s coaches were amazed by the progression of the campers this year. One coach said, “not everyone came in with a wealth of tricks or experience. Although, they all worked really hard and walked away with many new tricks. The campers all became friends with each other in a really cool way too.” By the end of the week the rambunctious campers were totally exhausted. Parents came and picked up there riders with a smile on their face and congratulating us for tiring out their kids.

All of us at JSAW are looking forward to skate camp next summer. We believe that these camps are great way to introduce young riders to Jesus. Join us in prayer for these riders. We hope that they come back so that we can continue to build those relationships and lead them into a deeper relationship with God.

Thanks for reading!

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