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Skate Camp Meal Help

Dear JSAW donors, Summer is not the only thing approaching fast, but also Help Boardshop’s skate camp. This year JSAW is launching two weeks of skate camp, which obviously equates to twice as much awesomeness. But, in order to make this a phenomenal and unforgettable experience for these kids we need your help. I have carefully crafted a meal schedule for both these weeks and I need help gathering meals. I would highly recommend entertaining the idea of donating a meal or two to this once a year camp. Your investment allows us as staff members to more intentionally focus on the kids. Please let me, Jake Tastad, know which meal(s) you would like to sign up to donate to skate camp 2017.


Jake Tastad Program Director

Monday (6/12 & 6/19)

Meal: Walking Tacos Sides: Watermelon Snack: Cookies and clementines Drinks: Water or Gatorade

Needed groceries and materials -2 lbs of ground beef (w/ crockpot) -2 bags of cheese -1 bag of lettuce -1 container of salsa -1 precut watermelon -1 case of water or Gatorade -3 boxes of cookies -1 bundle of clementines

Tuesday (6/13 & 6/20)

Meal: Costco Pizza Sides: Apples Snack: Puppy Chow Drinks: Water or Gatorade

Needed groceries and materials -15 paper plates -2 large Costco pizzas (preferably 1 cheese & 1 pepperoni) -15 apples -1 case of water or Gatorade -Puppy Chow (pre-made) -2 bag of chocolate chips -1 cup tub of peanut butter -1 large bag of Chex cereal (approximately 18 cups) -2 cups of powdered sugar

Wednesday (6/14 & 6/21)

Meal: Hot dogs Sides: Chips Snack: Chex mix Drinks: Water or Gatorade

Needed groceries and materials – 30 buns -30 hot dogs -4 large bags of Chex mix -1 container of napkins (at least 30) -1 case of water or Gatorade -1 bottle of ketchup -1 bottle of mustard -15 bags of chips

Thursday (6/15 & 6/22)

Meal: Pulled Pork Sandwiches Sides: Chips and watermelon Snack: granola bars Drinks: Water or Gatorade

Needed groceries and materials -30 hamburger buns -3 lbs of marinated pulled pork (w/ crock pot) -1 bottle of BBQ sauce -1 case of water or Gatorade -3 large bags of chips -30 granola bars

Friday (6/16 & 6/23)

Meal: Jimmy Johns sandwiches Sides: Chips Snack: Oreos Drinks: Water or Gatorade

Needed groceries and materials -$50 to pay for sandwiches and chips -1 case of water or gatorade -2 boxes of double stuffed Oreos

Extras: 1 large bag of candy 1 large box of fruit snacks

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