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Skate Trip

The skate trip has traditionally been one of JSAW’s best trips each year! It is a great way for riders to experience a lot of the same parks and street spots as some of their favorite pro skaters. This past trip took place two weeks ago. The riders hit up about two skateparks each day in the surrounding areas of Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Davenport. Not only was this trip awesome for riders,  but is also provided a great opportunity for JSAW staff members to come alongside riders in their faith. On the trip riders were miles away from many of their struggles, pain, and doubts at home. A little distance from home allowed riders to clear their minds and allow the Gospel to sink deeper into their hearts and minds with greater power. Each rider that came represented a different background on multiple levels. The most common background JSAW staff members addressed were the riders lack of faith and inability to confess Jesus as Lord. They have learned to scoff at the concept of God from either their loved ones or friends. Despite this challenge, Bible study each night went well. Riders listened and asked thought provoking questions about God and life. One evening one of the riders even invited a friend he had made at the skate park that day to our Bible study; that night we had an extra member of the crew. Another rider let me know that he had responded to a Bible study by praying to God because he desired to experience God for the first time. I was overjoyed by this small step of faith. Along the way, there were tears and a little bit of blood shed throughout this adventure. All in all everyone came out safe with proud stories to tell when they arrived home. My prayer for these riders is that they continue to strive to know God more personally each and every day. I place my trust in God that the Bible studies taught on the trip will make a difference and draw these riders, maybe not instantly, but over time closer to God and provide purpose and a true understanding of life and reality in which they live. Thanks to everyone that prayed for this trip. Continue to keep JSAW in your prayers as we work to transform action sports culture.


Jake Tastad

Program Director, JSAW

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