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Skatuary is Now Open in Denver, CO

Skatuary is Now Open in Denver, CO

About a year ago, Uriel Luebcke, the pastor of a skate ministry, found out that after 5 years at the same location, he was going to have to find someplace new to hold his Friday night skate church. But you know what they say about when God closes a door…

After seeing several very expensive options, Uriel was lucky enough to meet up with a man that owned a large building in South Denver.  It turns out that this man was excited about Uriel’s vision and was willing to lease 20,000 square feet of his building to Uriel for a fraction of the average rental rate.

Uriel and his team set to work building ramps and renovating the building.  It was a difficult year that included numerous obstacles, including the building team being kicked out of the building due to a problem with the building permit, a citation from the fire department due to a problem with the smoke detectors, and a bank account that always seemed empty. Nevertheless God is faithful and the Skatuary is now open. Denver’s sanctuary for skaters!

The Skatuary boasts 20,000 square feet of indoor skate park with dozens of obstacles from anchored rails and benches to the six foot tall bowl-corner and the 30 foot wide mini-ramp with wall ride!

In addition to a sick park, Skatuary also includes a full skate shop, full of 7Twenty Boardshop merchandise and a fully stocked snack bar!

Every Friday night, Skatuary offers a church service including live worship and a message from Uriel Luebcke.  Skaters that come to the service from 7:00 – 8:00 are welcome to skate for free until 11:00! This Saturday is the grand opening celebration, so be praying for this awesome ministry!

For more information about Skatuary check out their website and Facebook page!

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