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Soundset 2015 Recap

Soundset 2015 Recap

05/27/2015 This past Sunday, Help Boardshop and JSAW sent employees Josh Franco and Phil Akins to Soundset. Soundset is an annual hip hop music festival held at Canterbury Park in Shakopee, Minnesota.

“The smell of weed fills the air, Alcohol drains down throats, and copious amounts of drugs and drug users can be found wandering the grassy grounds. Familia, another local skatepark and shop, brought a park to the event. Despite rain, skaters including Josh and I (Phil) could be seen throwing themselves down a set of stairs, and slip sliding up and down a mini ramp. Unfortunately, not 20 minutes upon arrival Josh slammed, knocked his tooth loose, and split his lip. He spent more time in traffic and in line getting to Soundset than he did actually at the event. It was a good thing he came, though, because it was in his heart and mind to pray for the day and the event, which helped me keep focused. After Josh left for the hospital, I spent some time getting to know people and walking around making connections. One of those connections I made was with a kid who claimed to be rolling on Molly. Molly is supposed to be a pure form of Ecstasy, although “pure” it may not always be. As the Spirit led, I Shared the Gospel with the kid but did not receive a solid response. Even still, I did get his number and look forward to following up with him. The day may not have been as successful for marketing as Help had hoped for, but spiritually and for the ministry it was a great day!”

– Phil Akins, JSAW Program Leader

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