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Staff Spotlight – Phill Noell

Phill Noell

We would like to introduce our new parttime Shop/Park Staff. If you have been around Help Boardshop/JSAW, you already know Phil. While he is not new to JSAW,  he is now on staff to help run the shop and park.

Tell us a little about yourself

I was born in southern California. When I was 10, we moved to northern MN. I graduated from Badger High School and moved to Minneapolis last year. I enjoy video games and I love coffee – I am considered a coffee snob! My passions are skateboarding, music, Jesus and youth ministry.

When and how did you become a Christ-follower?

When I came to faith, it didn’t happen because I had one conversation with someone who led me in prayer, etc. It was more about me having many conversations over time so that when it was time for me to rely on Someone bigger than myself, I knew where to go. That time came one day when my addiction to drugs got the best of me and I decided I did not want to live anymore. I told God if all I had was a life ruled by drugs I did not want a life at all. The only reason I am alive today is because God has a better plan for my life than I do. It was close to a year before I understood what that meant or had any form of guidance in what it means to follow Christ. I spent four and a half years in a faith-based recovery program. The bulk of my time there was learning who God says I am and destroying the lies that had become part of me over the years. Two of my biggest influencers in my life are evangelist Mattie Montgomery and my counselor Mindy Broden. Mattie sang for a band who really influenced my mind about spiritual warfare. Mindy worked really hard with me on replacing the lies in my life with God’s truth. Now I am living and doing youth ministry in North Minneapolis and I believe I am just where God wants me.

How did you get connected with JSAW? Why do you serve?

I got connected through a friend who told me about JSAW. I sent Jonny a video of my testimony and he invited me to bible study and also found me a ride to bible study. I have been connected ever since. I serve because I believe in the mission of JSAW and I have been doing action sports ministry for about 3 years now on my own. I believe as much as I can help JSAW, JSAW can help me. I will be starting the JSAW internship soon.

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