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Volunteer Spotlight – Erik Minter

Volunteer Spotlight – Erik Minter                

Volunteer Position: Board Member

Tell us a little about yourself:

I am a buyer at Target Corp. I have one brother and sister who reside with their families in southern Minnesota near my parents and hometown of Saint Peter. Outside of the core values of faith, family and friends, I enjoy staying active around sports, seeing live music shows and traveling around the world…but who doesn’t?

When and how did you become a Christ-follower?

Growing up in a Christian home meant Sunday mornings were spent at church. That said, I grew in my faith immensely throughout college when it was no longer a “requirement” to attend church but an option….and a blessing. I’m passionate about continiuing to grow in my faith and stewardship from the Twin Cities to around the world.

How did you get connected with JSAW? Why do you serve?

Over a year ago I got connected to JSAW through MAP, an organization that connects working professionals looking to serve on local non-profit boards. What made me excited about joining JSAW was two-fold. First, I related to the action sports aspect of the organization as I was (and would still like to consider myself) a rider growing up. And second, the people. Everyone, from the kids to the shop employees to Jonny, were so great from the first time I walked into the boardshop. Over the last year, I’ve served as the board’s secretary and most recently, transitioned into the vice-chair position.

Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?

Favorite action sport: Surfing Best quote I’ve heard this year: “Stay hungry. Stay foolish” For all those who give your time or your money, know that everything counts and that we appreciate it all!

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