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Volunteer Spotlight: Tom Geoffroy – Board Member

Volunteer Spotlight: Tom Geoffroy – Board Member

Personal: Name / Career / Family / Hobbies / Passions

Tom Geoffroy, Property Investigator including Home Inspecting & Radon Testing. Married to Shelly Geoffroy since 2010. Have blended family of four children, ranging in ages from 19-25, who all live far away. Hobbies include reading, cycling, & adventuring with my bride. Passion is to serve God and make His name known.

FAITH: When and how you became a Christ-Follower? / Biggest Influencer? / Faith Journey

I found the Lord at the age of 27 in an unusual place, an Amway rally in Portland Oregon. I initially struggled to surrender fully to Jesus, as I had some strongholds that needed dynamite. God has been faithful for these many years, most visibly in connecting me to Shelly Geoffroy and taking me further on His path of redemption. The example of Christ never stops inspiring me to grow, give, and forge ahead.

JSAW: How did you get connected? / In what capacity do you serve? / Why do you serve?

I met Jonny & Brittany in 2011 and observed how Brittany ministered to my daughter Lauren going through an anguished adjustment as she adapted to live in Minnesota. Jonny has helped Shelly & I recognize a group of highly connected people who often grow up in challenging situations (as Shelly & I did) and need the love of Christ. I serve because Christ calls me to use my gifts for others and at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

 ADDITIONAL: Thoughts / Comments / Stories

Respect to Jonny & Brittany, who have invested so much energy & passion to touch lives with the love of Jesus.

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