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Here at JSAW something we have never done a great job at is managing volunteers. We have always had people willing to jump in and help but as an organization we have not done well at recruiting, training, managing and appreciating volunteers. This is something we want to change!

We have built a web-page where you can sign up to join one of our volunteer teams at

What teams are there?

Prayer: The vision of JSAW is transforming action sports culture. That is a massive undertaking and without your prayers we will get nowhere. We regularly send out prayer requests from our staff, board, donors, volunteers, and riders. We want you on this team, praying every day.

Cleaning: We need help keeping the shop and park clean every week. We want to serve riders, parents, donors and shop customers very well and that starts with a clean facility. With over 4000 sq. ft. and 65+ teenage boys running around every week… Well, you can imagine. We need help!

Projects: Every month there are projects we need help with. It could be stuffing, sealing and stamping 400 envelopes to our donors, providing a group meal for the riders we serve or even fixing a hole in the wall or reconstructing a ramp. There are always projects to be done.

Marketing: JSAW is a great organization that everyone should know about! The marketing team helps promote the ministry of JSAW, the business of Help Boardshop and makes all of it look incredible. Maybe you have skills in web development, graphic design, photo, video, google adwords, direct mail, social media, youtube or some other fresh way of promoting something great. We need your help!

Night of Action: This team meets monthly from February to November planning and executing JSAW’s annual fundraiser banquet and silent auction. Coordinating the silent auction, locking in sponsors, setting up decorations, organizing the catering, program, audio/video, and even promoting the event… There are many ways you can take action to make this night a success!

Finance: Budgets, payroll, accounting, taxes and money management. We have it all (well most of it) in Quickbooks Online, so if that is your expertise we’d love to have you on the team.

Fundraising: It’s not scary, its fun! Who do you know that has any amount of money? Truth is everyone has something to give. This team plans and executes creative ways to raise money for JSAW to produce the funds necessary to fuel JSAW’s ministry. If you need an idea, don’t worry, we have lots!

Legal: We serve youth who like to jump off things and push the limits everyday. Our staff likes to do all that too! Surprisingly we don’t have many issues and we’d like to keep it that way, so your legal expertise can help JSAW stay legal!

Mentoring: JSAW’s mentors are passionate about three things: Jesus, riders and riding! One of our values is authenticity meaning, to mentor riders well you need to be a rider. This is a specialist role so we train you and provide the resources for you to make riders into disciples of Jesus.

Board of Directors: Our board serves to champion the cause of transforming action sports culture in the local community AND to bring the communities support to the table so JSAW can accomplish its mission.

If you would like to join one of these volunteer teams please let us know at

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