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Wake Trip

Hello JSAW Friends and Family, This past week we embarked on a summertime adventure. Three riders and two staff members journeyed down to Illinois for an entire week of wake boarding. But, this was not just an ordinary wake boarding trip. We did not use a boat, instead we rode behind an electric powered cable system on a private quarry pond. On this pond were floating features such as jumps, rails, and staircases. Most of the riders had never rode such a course in their lives and started off a little intimidated. Throughout the week they progressed tremendously in their riding. One 12 year old rider was hitting jumps his height; thats huge!

Not only did we have an awesome time riding but with this smaller group our nightly bible studies around the campfire exploded into fruitful conversation. The biblical theme we dove into that week was Gods image personified in the Bible as an all-consuming fire. As we read the physical presentation of a campfire in front of our eyes brought the biblical stories to life. After each bible study we challenged the riders to take time each day with God alone by spending time reading the psalms. As a spiritual leader I have grown accustomed to challenging riders spiritually but never seeing them actually take me up on the challenge. I am proud to say that I stumbled across one rider reading his bible one morning on his own. I was blown away because it was like 8am. I had barley even woke up myself. Thanks to everyone that was praying for this trip because I could definitely feel and see God working in all of us this past week.


Jake Tastad

Program Director, JSAW

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